who we are


Animax that was established in 2000, has aimed high quality and to advance towards right projects with investments of technology and employments with the highest level since the beginning. Animax, raising its aims with 2015, by greatly increasing both its equipment and human resources investments, has reached a number of more than 100 staff, 1500+ m2 working area and appropriate computer hardwares. Currently, investments in equipment and human resources continue with new purchases and employments.

Animax’s Goals:

Animax, with its ongoing projects, aims to transfer our universal values to our youth and also to make animation sector in our country stronger. With this and the following projects, the creation of animated-cartoon sector, educating the necessary human resources, creating the technological infrastructure are the longer-term and overall objectives of Animax. Animax, by realizing the necessary short-term and long-term investments and by keeping entertainment and visual quality in forefront with qualified stories which will be followed by children with curiosity, aims to produce movies and tv serials. In this direction, in 2013 Animax has begun the production of the "Birds Like Us". This motion picture that we finished in 2014, has encouraged us that we will be successful in this field as well. An it has proved that we are ready for our one of our biggest goals, that is Keloğlan Motion Picture. The motion picture project which is on the scriptwriting stage, is one of our biggest goals in the coming years. Especially making Keloğlan cartoon a global brand is among our biggest goals. Therefore, the cooperation we will make with Walt Disney Studios will be a very important milestone for us.


2008: “Once upon a time, Keloğlan” animated movie project which was produced by TRT Children Department’s domestic productions came to life in the Animax Animation Studios and produced by Barış İslamoğlu.

2009: A 10-minute 39-episode cartoon series were produced in Animax Studios and were liked a lot. The rest of this series, again was ordered as the second season by TRT Children's Channel which was founded in 2009.

2010: ‘Keloğlan Tales’ cartoon series hit the peak as an original Turkish production with its renewed staff for TRT Children's Channel. Also the production of a 26-episode animated series called "Barbarossa" was started which was ordered by TRT Children's Channel. At the same time, in 2010, the production of a 13-part, 14-minute cartoon series called Misket was started for the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

2011: Keloğlan Tales cartoon which was prepared by an artist team of 70 people, was prepared as the second season as 29 chapters of 20 minutes between the years 2010-2011. Keloğlan tales which were in the heart of the children, were bought by Al Jazeera (Middle East) broadcaster and Everest Productions America (Turkey, the Middle East, the whole world except for North Africa) and met with audience in many countries. For Keloğlan Tales cartoons which broke ratings records, Animax Studios took an order from TRT Children's Channel for a 26 episodes for Season 3 to be done. At the same time, for a cartoon series called "Anka Anatolian Eagles" to be done by us, a contract was signed for 13 episodes with TRT Children’s Channel. And it was finished in the year 2011.

2012: At the 3rd season, Keloğlan Tales are traveling to our time and continuing to meet with children with brand new adventures on TRT Children’s Channel.

2013: The motion picture project "Bird Like Us" was started. The film will be meeting with the audience soon. At the same time, since Keloğlan Tales which travel to the world of our time at the 4th season were liked and appreciated very much, 26 episodes more were ordered by TRT Children’s Channel.

2014: At the 5th season Keloğlan Tales cartoon returns to the world cartoons world again. Followed by the 13-part agreement with TRT Children’s Channel, much liked Keloğlan Tales will continue to meet with the audience with new episodes. Also the production of "Bird Like Us" motion picture will be continued. It is scheduled to finish in the final months of 2014. In addition, the Misket character who is the mascot of Anka Park that was built by Ankara Metropolitan Park will be on the screen again with its renewed face.

2015: Keloğlan Tales with the 5th Season continue to be made within our organization. The production stage of Otorobot motion picture for Anka Park is continued. The presentation of the Misket character in the form of an animated series will meet with the audience very soon..