Keloğlan is a well known Turkish folk hero.He is also well known in Asia, Middle East and Balkans too. He is the virtuous, discreet, a little naive, a bit romantic and extremely practical witted representative of the Anatolian people who can have big dreams but at the same time who can reject the biggest rewards. Keloğlan who grew up with Anatolian values and who is a hero known and loved by each family has an important place in Anatolian culture.  Thus, Keloğlan Tales have been created with this cultural density and depth. Through its commitment to the country's values and culture, it is still the most popular animation among parents and children. When this character who has such a great bond with the essence of a country becomes a worldwide brand will provide both material and spiritual gains. Our goal is to introduce Keloğlan to the children of the world and world culture. In addition to providing a contribution to our cultural heritage by telling this national hero of ours to our children, we would also have created a global brand with the values of this land. Thus, while laying claim to our culture and our values with Keloğlan, we would also have transferred the mystical,amazing and fascinating culture of Anatolia to the whole world through the eyes of Keloğlan.